The Good Ole' Days!

Monday, August 20, 2012

God has blessed us so much.  A rainy season like we’ve never seen here. Our blvrs and friends are telling us that they will have a good crop this harvest!  All do to your prayers.   Thank all of you who have joined us in our 30 Days of Prayer for the Songhai.  It has been amazing to see how things lined up for what we were all praying. Ex: On the day that Cephas & Biba flew out to the USA was the same day we were praying for them.  We serve an amazing God!  We stand in awe of HIM!  I stand, I stand in awe of You, Lord!
We had so much fun ending the prayer month with the Flavors of Africa!

Thank all of you who have prayed for Susan and family through her Father’s passing.  We are glad to report she is doing just fine.  She’s walking more and helping others.  Just what she does best. God has blessed her with a long life.  This coming Sunday she will be celebrating her 87th birthday… “Happy birthday Mom!”

Today was a sad day for our church here in Niger.  The pastor went home to be with our Lord…  It was a surprise to us but not our Lord.  He was blind but now he sees! Please pray for Pastor Koomi’s wife.  She is left without any children.  In this society it is hard for a woman to survive.  Please pray that the church will take care of her.  Pastor Koomi was a faithful witness for our Lord!  We praise God for his testimony.

Thank you all for  your faithfulness to praying for us and the ministry God has given us here.  We couldn’t do it without those prayers….  You are the blood(life) in this ministry!

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