The Good Ole' Days!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hello Friends, Prayer Partners and Family,

As most of you know we are now stateside.  Going to our families, friends and churches sharing what God is doing in Niger.

Here is a picture of our time with the GA's & RA's at Hoffmeyer Road Baptist Church.  The children were so excited to hear what is happening on the other side of their world.   They loved playing with the items we have brought back from Niger.  Especially the guitar and slingshots.

Here we are enjoying our grand children.  So far we have celebrated two birthdays while here. This was Hannah's 8th birthday party.  She is a blessing from our Lord!

Here is another blessing the Lord has given us. The four Saleeby preachers!  One pastor of New Covenant Church in Myrtle Bech, SC, Randy-Missionary in Niger, Uncle Ken Interim pastor at a church in NC. and Joseph our young marrieds preacher-teacher.
As you can see we are having fun while we do the things God has sent us here to do.  Oh yes Susan went to a Beth Moore Conference this past weekend and learned about "Secrets".  She enjoyed the teaching and time with the ladies from NCC.  Thank you all for allowing Susan to tag along.
We also had the privilege of meeting this little guy.  Our Great Grand-Son Prestyn T. Brown.
What a joy it is to serve our Lord knowing that HE is in conrol of all those we leave in His care...
We serve an awesome God!
Thank you Lord for allowing us to serve you wherever You call us!

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  1. what a sweet post! I love seeing all those Godly Saleeby men. How awesome is that sight with those men with linked arms. Enjoy your time with your family.