The Good Ole' Days!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dear Prayer Partners,

Thank you for your faithfulness in your prayers for us. This has been a busy month with saying goodbyes and hello’s to missionaries, mission volunteer team, prayer-walking and trying to fine another house for a training school.

It’s the training school building that we need your prayers for this month. It seems that no one wants to rent us a place because we are Christians and we would be using the place for training Christian leaders. It gets a little discouraging when some one looks you straight in the eyes and tells you that b/c you are 1. a rich American (?) 2. you’re not African 3. you are a Christian so we can’t rent to you and if we did your rent would be double or triple what they would rent the place to if you were African. Smile We know God has a place for us and we know HE knows when we need it. It is ALL in HIS timing. Even in all this turmoil, the roaring of the lion that wants to devour us, we can feel the arms of our Lord around us, His peace. We serve an amazing God! Thank you all for your support financially with co-operate fund and the Lottie Moon. But it’s your prayer support that we are so thankful for. We need your coverage in prayer. It is getting harder to serve here as we see the opposing forces to the left and right of us... We covet your prayers.

Please pray for:

1. Hub House (Place for training new Believers)

2. Our Nov Volunteers who will be ALL Women!!!!

3. Susan’s Mom (readjustment)

4. Songhai Team Unity

5. Randy as he prepares his lessons for N.B.

6. National Partners – safety- faithfulness to our God This is the week of Tabaski. So persecution is up more so than at regular times.

Thank you all again for your faithfulness in praying for us and our team members and families. We can not say this enough... You are appreciated! Smile


Susan & Randy Saleeby

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